SeekingArrangement Review

seeking arrangementIf you are a beautiful young woman looking to find a partner for financial benefits or if you are a wealthy man that is capable of providing support to a gorgeous woman, who will become your partner, then you need to visit This is a website that was made to suit the needs of Australian sugar daddies and sugar babies, helping them get together and start relationships in which everybody has something to gain, as mentioned earlier. The men will get to enjoy the company of the lady of their choice, while the women will get to be spoiled by a man with a great financial status and successful career.

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If you want to check the website out without paying, it is worth noting that you can subscribe without paying any fee and you can opt for creating a free profile as well. But, there are downsides if you choose to become a free member. To start with, your profile will be put on hold for approximately 48 hours after you’ve created it, so that they can verify your information and the uploaded photos. If you opted for the premium membership, on the other hand, things would go faster. In case you would like to upgrade your profile, the prices go like this:

  • $79.95 for 1 month of membership;
  • $209.85 for 3 months of membership;
  • $359.70 for 6 months of membership;

Main Features:

SeekingArrangement has a wide range of features that can be enjoyed, especially if you are a premium member. Among these features, we can mention:

  • Add photos to 'public photos' album / 'private photos' album.
  • Real-time messaging: get in touch with other members in real time
  • Set up the search criteria to find a well-matched partner.
  • View who has interested in you / viewed you / favorited you.
  • View newest members / featured members / premium members.
  • The possibility of sugar babies to have private pictures, which are shown only with their permission, to the members of their choice;
  • There is an Expensive Diamond Club that allows sugar daddies to flash out their financial status and power;
  • As a member, you can even create an Amazon Wishlist, in case you end up in the situation when you want to purchase a gift for your preferred sugar baby;
  • There is an income and background verification option, which will prove that the information you provided is legit and that everything about you is real. This will definitely increase your credibility and turn you into a magnet for sugar babies;
  • There is also a profile boost feature, which gives you the chance to attract more people for a determined period;

The Pros:

  • There are more female members than male members on this site, so, as a male sugar daddy, you will enjoy a wide range of potential partners to choose from. Also, most of these female sugar babies are college students, who are looking to have their school fees covered by having a wealthy partner;
  • The interface of the website is easy to use and user-friendly, so you won’t have any troubles using it;
  • Signing up process is simple and fast, as there are no questionnaires to take your time;

The Cons:

  • The price for the premium membership is rather expensive than other sugar baby sites;
  • The majority of the available features are only available to premium members;
  • The income and background verification process is kind of time- consuming;

Final Verdict

If we are to take that the CEO of stated, “Love was invented by poor people”, then everybody who joins in is indeed driven by interest. Well, the truth is that each of us wishes to make our lives as we dream it, which also includes having wealthy, young and gorgeous partners. So, as long as you know your interests and know what you want, there is no reason not to try this website out. Also, having in mind the thorough verification process provided by the site, it is a very safe place to meet your sugar daddy or sugar baby in Australia.